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The problems we face are not new - but they are solvable

There are many problems facing manufacturers in the development, registration and approval of medical foods and pharma products in the UK and Europe. Choosing what to make and where to place it in the market is a difficult decision process. Getting it wrong can ruin an otherwise good product launch. Complex Regulations and delays in process can affect returns. Low profit margins mean costs have to kept in check. Delays in approval can prove fatal to investment. We can take the gloom out of all this by shining an outside objective light onto your products - using our proven experience of over 10 years in working with companies, health authorities and people in market authorization and payer reimbursement.

Our answer to your problems is to partner you

  • As your partner, MedLaw works with your team in (1) the design of products (2) making applications for regulatory approval and (3) obtaining market access to the NHS.
  • As your partner, MedLaw is a proven leader in this field and has over 10 years of experience in working successfully in the UK healthcare market.
  • As your partner, MedLaw has deep industry knowledge of the laws, processes and people involved in making the critical decisions affecting your products in the UK and Europe.
  • As your partner, MedLaw has access to a broad and extensive expert range of skills to power your applications and give them impact.

Your goals are our goals

We advise on getting your product into the best possible position for the market. We prepare the way for good communication with Regulators. We seek to persuade Health Authorities that the product balance of safety, quality, efficacy, efficiency and affordability is the best it can be.

We go further.

We identify with your products and their aims. We see and point out what works with broadly similar products. We can provide advice on innovation where needed. We work hard alongside you and guide you to your goals. We prevent missteps. We enable you to make future applications on your own without dependence on ourselves or others. We can source a range of experts to help when required.

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